Activists issue a warning to Boris Johnson, urging him to “save thousands of deaths.”


Activists issue a warning to Boris Johnson, urging him to “save thousands of deaths.”

An discovered letter shows that climate activists who have wreaked havoc on road users in recent weeks warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson of “thousands of fatalities” unless British homes are better insulated.

Insulate Britain members have stopped traffic ten times in the last three weeks with their actions. The group is a splinter group from the environmentalist movement Extinction Rebellion. In order to reduce carbon emissions, it demands that the government insulate and remodel all UK homes by 2030. Insulate Britain activists were arrested on Friday as they staged their latest round of highway protests.

After activists blocked sections of the M4, M1, and M25, police reported 39 persons were arrested.

Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, is expected to promise a tougher response to the demonstrators.

She is anticipated to unveil greater powers to deal with activists at the Conservative Party conference, which begins today in Manchester.

Longer penalties will be imposed, as well as the ability for police to take demonstrators’ property.

Blocking a road presently carries a maximum fine of £1,000, but ministers are pushing for unlimited penalties and six-month prison sentences, or both.

The government issued its latest injunction today, prohibiting acts that obstruct traffic and access to important roads and highways in London.

The court order, issued by National Highways, is the third to be issued in response to the traffic jams in south-east England.

Insulate Britain issued a stern ultimatum to Mr Johnson before beginning to block roadways in September.

The organisation stated in a discovered letter to Prime Minister David Cameron that a lack of government action might result in “thousands” of deaths due to a lack of insulation in British houses.

“We have done the modeling and talked with specialists,” the letter stated.

“When compared to any other choice, investing in the insulation of our housing stock generates the biggest reduction in emissions.”

“Tens of thousands of employment will be created, ones that we can be proud of.”

“It will save hundreds of lives and assist millions of people who are forced to choose between heating and food.”

“In a nutshell, it’s a no-brainer; what we’re requesting is by far the most prudent conservative course of action.”

The organization urged that the government completely pay and “take responsibility” for all social housing insulation. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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