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‘Activist’ lawyers’ ‘shameless touting’ price list to help migrants stay in the UK

A LAW firm is accused of shamelessly touting a price list to help migrants stay in the UK.

Officials blasted “activist lawyers” for listing charges that will cost taxpayers thousands in legal aid.

London firm Milestone Solicitors asks for £1,500 for deportation cases, £2,000 for asylum appeals and £2,500 for final appeals. Boss Uma Devi Rajasundram, 52, boasts about successful cases on their Facebook page.

It and two other firms stopped 23 migrants being sent back to Spain this week, leaving Home Secretary Priti Patel “furious”.

They grounded an aircraft, claiming the Channel migrants had been trafficked. But they had passed through Spain, which agreed to accept them.

Officials will try again in a fortnight but a Whitehall source warned lawyers would “bog the process down in legal quagmire”. 

The source slammed “activist lawyers chasing dinghies to get taxpayers’ cash for keeping illegal immigrants in our country”.

A Home Office spokesman added: “It is right that we seek to remove migrants who have travelled through a safe country and have no right to remain. The Government’s efforts to facilitate entirely legitimate and legal returns of people who have entered the UK through illegal routes are too often frustrated by last-minute challenges.”

Tory MP Peter Bone called the actions of some firms “despicable” as they claimed taxpayers’ cash after “touting for business”.

Milestone Solicitors said they “charge a reasonable flat fee”.

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