‘Action is imminent!’ French fishermen declare independence from the EU, putting the UK in jeopardy.


‘Action is imminent!’ French fishermen leave the European Union, posing a direct threat to the UK.

A fishing representative has warned that French fishermen are planning direct action in response to the UK’s refusal to grant them more licenses to operate in UK territorial waters.

For months, France and Britain have been at odds over how many licenses French fishermen should receive as part of a post-Brexit deal, with France accusing Britain of not issuing enough permits and Britain claiming to be abiding by the agreement.

According to Olivier Lepretre, president of the business body that represents fishermen’s interests in northern France, as talks drag on, fishermen have decided to take matters into their own hands.

“Action is imminent,” Mr Lepretre said, without specifying what form the action would take. He did, however, state that it would affect trade, saying, “Britain wants access to the European market? They should give us the licenses.”

If they do not comply, we will revoke their access.”

Clement Beaune, the French Minister for European Affairs, hinted yesterday that patience was running out.

“We still have all options on the table, including these measures,” he said. “We’d prefer to have it at the EU level, but if that doesn’t happen, we’ll take French measures.”

But that’s not something I’d like to discuss.

“You need trust and to be true to your words if we want to work together on defense, security, and foreign policy, and crises like the one we see in Belarus, or maybe in Ukraine, or in the Balkans, which is a big concern for the UK as well.”

“It will never work if we have doubts.”

So I’ll say it again to the UK: “It’s in your best interest to settle this.”

Luke Hawker and Ciaran McGrath contributed additional reporting.

Nicola Sturgeon’s attempt to pull Scotland out of the UK is struggling to gain public support, with seven major polls in a row indicating that the majority of Scots prefer to remain in the UK.

The SNP leader has used almost every opportunity to promote the benefits of Scotland breaking away from the rest of the UK, including at the COP26 conference in Glasgow, where world leaders were debating the need to address climate change.

However, polling indicates that this activism is not paying off, with the majority of Scots repeatedly stating that they would prefer Scotland to remain in the United Kingdom.

The most recent poll was conducted by.

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