According to the Wuhan lab leak investigation, the facility underwent ‘suspicious’ upgrades previous to the epidemic.


According to the Wuhan lab leak investigation, the facility underwent ‘suspicious’ upgrades previous to the epidemic.

According to the inquiry into the Wuhan lab leak, the facility had undergone’suspicious’ modifications prior to the outbreak.

REPUBLICAN lawmakers in the US have produced a disturbing report demonstrating “abnormal” advancements at the Wuhan plant, which is at the center of the Covid leak incident.

According to a study by Republican Congressmen in the United States, renovations took place at a lab in China prior to the discovery of Coronavirus. According to the House GOP study, elements of the Wuhan facility that are less than two years old required “significant” changes to “air safety” and “waste treatment systems.” Wuhan would later become the heart of the Covid outbreak, and study into the virus’s origins has been conducted there.

“Such extensive changes so soon after the plant began operations appear unusual,” Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee observed.

Dr. Marc Siegel, a Fox News medical commentator, said, “All of this raises questions about how well these mechanisms were functioning in the months leading up to the Covid-19 incident.” “Why would a lab that is barely two years old have waste treatment and air safety issues?” he wondered.

Mr Seigal went on to accuse US Democrats for failing to engage with Republicans in order to get President Biden to launch a complete investigation into the suspicions of a China lab leak.

He went on to say, “All of this justifies further research, which President Biden has promised us.”

“However, in terms of investigation, it is not now across the aisle.” This comes after China turned down the World Health Organization’s request for deeper research into the coronavirus’s origins.

Last Monday, Beijing rejected World Health Organization (WHO) demands that countries work together to investigate the source of the outbreak.

The failure of China to engage with the international community infuriated Lord Ridley, a Tory Peer.

He told LBC, “China’s position on this is simply astounding.”

“Imagine a virus outbreak that killed millions of people in any other country.

“And refused to cooperate with a laboratory investigation on the world’s closest related virus [Wuhan Institute of Virology].”


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