According to the royal chef, Prince George’s “favorite” meal is spaghetti carbonara.


According to the royal chef, Prince George’s “favorite” meal is spaghetti carbonara.

PRINCE GEORGE recently turned eight years old, and a celebrity chef recently revealed that his favorite meal is Spaghetti Carbonara.

Prince George is the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s eldest child, and Kate Middleton frequently shares little tidbits about her children’s favorite foods. According to famed chef Aldo Zilli, Prince William and Kate’s eight-year-old son enjoys pasta carbonara.

According to the Daily Mail, Prince William spoke with Zilli while the two were working together to support the youth charity Centrepoint.

This is when the celebrity chef learned about Prince William’s eldest son’s favorite dinner.

Aldo Zilli is an advocate for the juvenile homeless organisation Centrepoint. He is originally from Italy but now resides in Surrey.

Zilli is the face of Centrepoint’s campaign to raise awareness about homelessness.

Zilli, 65, has had countless chats with Prince William over the years.

Prince William, 39, is the patron of the charity Centrepoint, which explains why the two have maintained such a tight relationship.

During their conversations over the years, Zillo has highlighted how passionately the Duke of Cambridge talks about his three children, even revealing Prince George’s favorite dish.

“William is incredible,” Zilli added. I’m waiting for the call since his little boy’s favorite food is supposedly spaghetti carbonara, so I’m ready to go cook it for him.

“William is a true gentleman. He’ll come over and talk to you about – he knows all there is to know about everyone.

“That’s what I admire about people like that; they make sure they know who you are and what you do for a living before they approach you; it’s a very intelligent thing to do.

“I’m a big fan of the Royal Family, and he’s such a lovely, great guy.”

Spaghetti carbonara is an egg, hard Pecorino cheese, black pepper, and cured pork dish that originated in Italy.

According to Zillo, the secret to spaghetti carbonara is in the manner it’s prepared.

“If George eats my carbonara, he will never have another one,” Zilli declared. “Let’s get this party started; send me to the castle to cook!”

Princess Charlotte, Prince George’s younger sister, attends Thomas’s School in Battersea.

“Chicken and chorizo jambalaya or pepper-crusted fish with garlic chickpeas to lentil,” according to their daily menu.


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