According to the minister, fellow officers have been let down by Couzens more than anyone else.


FRONTLINE police still deserve the public’s support despite the revulsion over the murder of Sarah Everard, a minister said yesterday.

PC Wayne Couzens used his warrant card to falsely arrest Sarah, then raped and murdered her.

Fellow officers feel “more let down than anybody” by the Scotland Yard marksman’s “terrible” crimes, Home Office Minister Damian Hinds argued – and his betrayal of the public’s trust should not reflect badly on them.

Mr Hinds told Times Radio: “They put themselves in danger day after day and in protection of the rest of us and they deserve our support.

“It is actually more important even for them than for anyone else that the inquiry gets to the bottom of this.”

He added: “This case goes to the heart of that question of trust.”


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