According to the Met Office, a “drier and warmer summer” is on the way.


According to the Met Office, a “drier and warmer summer” is on the way.

A BEAUTIFUL rainbow appears over London at the weekend, signaling the start of a new week. Following a wet start to August, certain parts of the United Kingdom will have sunny spells beginning tomorrow. Temperatures in the capital are expected to reach 74 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius) by Thursday, according to experts.

Despite the recent severe downpours and thunderstorms, meteorologists say this summer has been pleasant.

According to Becky Mitchell of the Met Office, the weather has been “warmer and drier than typical.”

“It hasn’t been wetter on average, but we’ve seen a lot of headlines on the news about flooding,” she continued.

“That’s why it could feel like a dreary summer, with little warmth or sunlight.” She went on to say that the torrential rain and thunderstorms were due to the extreme heat in July.

“We’ve had a lot of warm weather, and there was a heatwave in the middle of July,” she said.

“The conclusion of that heatwave prompted a lot of thunderstorms and heavy rain, which caused some of the floods in regions of the Southeast.

“Rather than being a wet period, there has been a lot of rainfall in a short period of time, resulting in localized flooding events.” Much of the United Kingdom had a wet Saturday over the weekend, with flash flooding in portions of London and Glasgow.

A piece of art, probably by Banksy, was partially removed in Lowestoft, Suffolk, due to flooding concerns.

Three children appeared to be standing in a little boat in the artwork in Nicholas Everitt Park.

Because the metal boat was blocking a drain and rain was anticipated, it was removed. When the rain stops, it will be replaced.

“We will have the most of the showers in the new week in northern and western parts, with sunnier, dryer, and warmer weather in the South and East,” BBC meteorologist Stav Danos said yesterday.


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