According to the inquest, the mother of the terrorist attacker in Streatham immediately recognized her son as the perpetrator.


According to the inquest, the mother of the terrorist attacker in Streatham immediately recognized her son as the perpetrator.

An inquest heard yesterday that the mother of a terrorist murdered by police following a stabbing spree instantly recognized her son had committed a heinous crime.

Hours before committing his attack in Streatham, south London, Sudesh Amman told his mother, “I love you mummy.”

Haleema Khan received a text message from her kid early in the morning that stated, “Allah loves you.”

“I urged him to go to the same store we went to on Thursday and get food,” she explained. He stated that he would go. Sudesh declared his love towards me.

“He said, ‘Bye bye, mummy, I love you.’ Sudesh was the last person I spoke to after that.

“At two o’clock, I witnessed someone shot dead in Streatham. I had a feeling it was Sudesh.”

Ms Khan testified at the London inquest that she and Amman went to a kebab shop in Streatham on January 30 but that he became worried that he was being followed while they were paying. “He informed me that an officer has arrived.

“He claimed that these officers were following him. Someone was chasing him on a motorcycle, he said.”

Amman, 20, was described as “one of the most dangerous individuals” under investigation by counter-terrorism police and MI5.

While in Belmarsh jail for terror offenses, he expressed a desire to assassinate the Queen and become a suicide bomber. It was a question of “when, not if” he would strike, according to police.

On February 2, Amman was shot and killed by armed police just 62 seconds after initiating his attack, in which both of his victims survived.

He was the oldest of six brothers and had been kicked out of school for misbehaving. Before moving to Harrow, north-west London, he grew up in Coventry and Birmingham.

On January 23, 2020, he was freed from Belmarsh prison in south-east London, halfway through a 40-month sentence for possessing and disseminating terrorist materials.

Amman, who is of Sri Lankan ancestry, spent ten days in a Streatham bail hostel.

During that time, undercover police officers who were watching him commented on his “suspicious” behavior. On January 31, covert officers observed Amman purchasing four bottles of Irn-Bru, cooking foil, and packaging tape from Poundland.

The pieces were eventually used to build his “crude” fake suicide belt.

However, police stated that there was insufficient evidence to arrest him and that they did not want to investigate his chamber. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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