According to the book, after discovering Trump’s White House “toys,” Biden called him a “f*ing ahole.”


According to the book, after discovering Trump’s White House “toys,” Biden called him a “f*ing ahole.”

According to a new book, Joe Biden branded Donald Trump a “f*ing a” after discovering remains of his predecessor’s pastimes at the White House.

In “Peril,” a new book by writer Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, details of Mr. Biden’s early days as President are described. Mr Trump allegedly spent his time at the White House surrounded by “toys,” including enormous TV screens and golf simulators in his own rooms, according to the book. “Trump’s presence was felt throughout the White House, even the residence. “One night, Biden strolled into a room with a giant TV screen covering the wall,” according to a passage acquired by ABC News from the book.

Mr. Biden allegedly spotted “things” purchased by Mr. Trump when gazing around upon taking office, allegedly adding, “What a fing a.”

With COVID-19 in full swing, the new biography on Mr Biden alleges that the 46th President struggled to adjust to life in the White House.

The presidential residence’s isolation is alleged to have had a particularly negative affect on Mr. Biden, who was forced to remain away from his grandkids.

“It was a lonely place. Cold. “At least at first, the virus made social events impossible,” the book’s authors stated, noting that Mr Biden preferred to spend time with his family.

But, whereas Vice President Joe Biden struggled with his surroundings, Donald Trump did not.

“Mr Trump had placed two extra television sets over and above the one already in his room and asked for personal locks to be installed on his bedroom door,” according to a story in Marie Claire magazine.

“Mr Trump and his wife Melania also had separate sleeping rooms, becoming the first presidential pair to do so since the Kennedys,” it said.

After the former First Lady shook off her husband’s hand while descending the stairs of Air Force One on an official trip, there was a lot of curiosity.

According to Jonathan Lee, who worked in the calligrapher’s office until 2017, the Trumps used the house staff like a “24-hour concierge desk,” which was the polar antithesis of the Obamas’ need for solitude while in office, according to the New Yorker magazine.

Mr. Biden’s reaction to the legacy left in the White House was predictable.

Following the post-election commotion produced by allegations, there will be no loss of affection between the two. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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