According to sleuths, Brian Laundrie’snapped and killed Gabby Petito from sheer anger and rage’ after spending 24 hours a day with her.


INTERNET sleuths believe Brian Laundrie may have “snapped” and killed his fiancee Gabby Petito in a fit of rage after spending all of his time with her on their months-long road trip.

Brian’s disappearance four weeks ago set off a wave of speculation on social media about his potential involvement in Gabby’s homicide.

Among the latest theories presented online is that the 23-year-old killed Gabby in the heat of the moment when tensions between them boiled over.

One sleuth explained that theory – for which there is no credible supporting evidence – in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

“This was two people literally together 24 hours a day. Let’s face it, that could challenge even the best relationships,” they wrote.

They went on to suggest that Gabby and Brian’s alleged argument outside a restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on August 27 continued until he “broke” and killed her.

“It wasn’t planned, it wasn’t for her money, it wasn’t because she broke up, it was simply anger and rage,” the sleuth posited.

Brian has been named a person of interest in Gabby’s homicide but is not officially considered a suspect.

Speculation that Brian could be responsible for Gabby’s death by strangulation stems partly from bodycam video of police questioning the pair after they had a fight in Utah on August 12.

In the video, Gabby is seen holding her neck as she explains to a Moab police officer that Brian “scratched and grabbed her,” causing bruises on her throat.

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Brian and Gabby were around two months into their planned four-month cross-country road trip touring America’s national parks before Gabby vanished sometime around August 27.

Brian quietly returned home to Florida alone on September 1, failing to alert police or Gabby’s family that she was missing.

He reportedly acted “without a care in the world” upon his return, neighbors said, mowing the front yard and enjoying idyllic bike rides with his mom.

Gabby was eventually reported missing by her mother Nichole Schmidt on September 11.

That came after 10 days of allegedly being stonewalled by Brian and his parents, Chris and Roberta Laundrie, about where her daughter was, Schmidt said.

Then, on September 14, Brian allegedly vanished after telling his parents he was going hiking at Carlton Reserve.

His parents didn’t report him missing until September 17, two days before Gabby’s body was discovered in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park.

A four-week search for Brian has so far yielded no leads beyond speculation and a handful of potential sightings.

While he is currently only considered a person of interest… Brinkwire Brief News.


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