According to sleuths, Brian Laundrie’s notebook may include horrific artwork that shows the truth about Gabby’s death.


According to sleuths, Brian Laundrie’s notebook may include horrific artwork that shows the truth about Gabby’s death.

Brian Laundrie’s notebook, according to internet sleuths, may include horrific artwork that reveals the truth about Gabby Petito’s death.

Last week, FBI officers discovered a journal while unearthing “partial” remains in the Florida wilderness.

Through his dental records, the skeletal remains were recognized as Laundrie’s.

The contents of the notebook are unknown, as is whether it includes anything at all, but that hasn’t prevented web sleuths from guessing.

Some amateur sleuths believe the journal contains disturbing drawings.

Web sleuths earlier claimed to have discovered a series of “demonic artworks” on Laundrie’s social media accounts, claiming the paintings could reveal information about the 23-year-mental old’s health.

“I think it’s definitely his art,” one Facebook “detective” stated. “They were both artists.” “My theory is drawing of the events leading up to it and during her strangulation,” an online sleuth feared. It’s going to be a long night (sic).” Gabby was strangled to death, according to coroners, weeks after a preliminary autopsy suggested her death was a homicide.

Last month, cops identified Laundrie as a person of interest in the investigation into Gabby’s strange disappearance and death. He was never named as a suspect in the case.

If the contents of the notebook are released, several online detectives believe they will be “disappointed.”

“It’s most likely drawings,” one person stated. To be honest, I believe the majority of people will be dissatisfied.” “We’re not owed a look at it,” another added. We don’t have access to any of the details, as much as we’d like to.” Some Facebook sleuths believe the diary will be blank, while others believe it will contain drawings from Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Lullaby.

In an Instagram post, Laundrie appeared to boast that he and Gabby had read the horror satire novel.

Lullaby is a 2002 novel about journalist Carl Streator, who is writing a piece about crib death when he sees a curious connection between the deaths of the kids and his own wife and newborn.

After reading them a “culling song” from a book, he discovers that his wife and child have perished.

He memorizes the rhyme unintentionally and becomes a serial murderer who kills people for petty annoyances.

Laundrie was seen holding the book on his lap while trekking along the Appalachian Trail with Gabby to celebrate her 22nd birthday.

Gabby’s fianc√© also admitted that he read Rant in 2007.

The story revolves around a high school rebel named Rant Casey and another character named Green Taylor Simms, and is delivered in the manner of an oral history.

The book’s summary describes it as “a mind-bending vision of the future,… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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