According to RT’s host In the midst of tensions, Britain is doing everything it can to ‘antagonize’ Russia.


According to RT’s host In the midst of tensions, Britain is doing everything it can to ‘antagonize’ Russia.

A PRESIDENT OF Russia Today (RT) insulted the United Kingdom’s naval capabilities, telling viewers that the country now has to “rely on others to dominate the waves.”

Murad Gazdiev, a prominent RT presenter, criticized Britain’s naval might in a video for the Russian broadcaster. This comes after Russian military aircraft and warships chased the HMS Defender out of Crimean waters last month. The Russians responded by claiming that they had dropped bombs and fired warning shots to encourage the British to change their minds.

This week, it was revealed that this Royal Navy destroyer is the only operational warship.

Mr. Gazdiev criticized the fight last month, claiming it was the result of “a British commander yearning for a reason to antagonize the Russians.”

The footage was accompanied by a social media post that read, “UK’s Royal Navy has only ONE operable destroyer.”

“Britain previously boasted the world’s most powerful fleet.

“Now, its marine forces appear to be in a deplorable situation, with only one of the navy’s six destroyers in a fit state to deploy.”

“It was a great splash, but it was bravado,” Mr Gazdiev continued.

“The ostensible display of power represented by the HMS Defender steaming into Russian gun ranges turned out to be a bluff when it was revealed that all other destroyers were in for repairs.

“Thank goodness it didn’t break down in Russian waters!” A Russian tugboat coming to its aid is the last thing it needs. Alternatively, a Chinese one.”

He then moved on to Defence Minister Ben Wallace’s announcement that the United Kingdom will station two warships in East Asia indefinitely as a message to China.

Given the number of navy failures, the RT host quipped that this was “huge plans.”

“The old ballad sang that Royal Britannia commands the waves,” he continued. No one is spared by time.

“Britain will now have to rely on others to control the seas.

“It would be tremendously humiliating if Britain’s NATO partners refused to fight for it after yet another stunt.”

Tobias Ellwood, a Tory MP, stated that the lack of operable navy ships demonstrates that Britain requires a larger navy.

“It’s an operational concern,” he stated earlier this week. The HMS Defender is presently our sole Type 45 in service.

“If that ship has propulsion issues, as we’ve seen with the Type 45 series, the carrier strike group will be obliged to lean.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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