According to Richard Tice, the Reform UK bank account was closed due to ‘political pressure.’


According to Richard Tice, the Reform UK bank account was closed due to ‘political pressure.’

Richard Tice, the relaunched Brexit Party’s leader, told journalists that Metro Bank had closed the party’s bank account due to “political pressure.”

Mr Tice of Reform UK denied Metro Bank’s allegations that the party’s bank account had been suspended because it was “no longer commercially viable.” Mr Tice, 56, told media at a press conference in Westminster that the party’s bank account had been suspended for political reasons.

“This is without a doubt, in my opinion, the outcome of political pressure,” the former MEP argues.

“We have huge plans, and the bank should be reassured,” he added. “After all, the Electoral Commission regulates, monitors, and supervises us to guarantee we are squeaky clean.

Mr Tice, who spent years as a businessman before entering politics, also stated that he had “never once” had a similar experience in his professional life.

If Reform UK is unable to restore a similar financial arrangement, the party’s electoral objectives may be jeopardized, according to the leader.

Mr Tice added, “If we can’t have clearing bank facilities, we can’t pay bills, and we can’t stand candidates.”

Despite his assertions that this was politically motivated, he provided no evidence to back up his claims.

The decision to close Reform UK’s bank account was not politically driven, according to Metro Bank.

“I wish I knew, I have no idea,” the Reform Party leader said when asked who was putting political pressure on him.

“However, it is remarkable, unprecedented, and unique.”

“Someone, somewhere, has put pressure,” Mr Tice later alleged.

Despite his remarks, Metro Bank insists that the action was not politically driven.

“We constantly assess our customer accounts and close those that are no longer commercially viable,” a bank representative told This website. The decision to close the Brexit Party account was made solely for commercial reasons, as is standard procedure. Metro Bank is and will continue to be politically apolitical.”


@TiceRichard, the leader of the Reform UK Party, held a news conference this morning to discuss Metro Bank’s decision to terminate the party’s account.

Watch the video in its entirety on YouTube:

When questioned if he had any evidence to back up his assertions, Mr Tice said, “No, I simply know from my experience being involved in so many financial arrangements over such a long period of time that this doesn’t happen.”


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