According to reports, the BBC would pay £1.5 million to settle the Princess Diana interview scandal.


According to reports, the BBC would pay £1.5 million to settle the Princess Diana interview scandal.

THE DISPUTE OVER Princess Diana’s conversation with Martin Bashir appears to have been resolved, with the BBC allegedly agreeing to pay £1.5 million to a charity chosen by the Royal Family.

The BBC made £1.15 million from the sale of the interview’s global rights, which is included in the total.

It was found that the dramatic 1995 BBC and Panorama interview with the Princess of Wales was staged under false pretenses.

Mr Bashir broke BBC standards by fabricating financial statements and papers to gain the Princess’ trust, according to an internal BBC investigation.

Mr Bashir persuaded Diana to give the interview by gaining access to her through Earl Spencer.

“There were three of us in this marriage,” Princess Diana famously declared in the interview.

The BBC “fell short of the high standards of integrity and transparency that are its hallmark,” according to Lord Dyson, the judge who headed the investigation.

The money for the reparations, according to the Mail on Sunday, will come from BBC Studios, the commercial business that is not funded by the licence fee.

However, the agreement’s parameters have yet to be defined, and no date has been set for when the money will be donated.

“This is a good decision,” Diana’s close friend Rosa Monckton told the Mail on Sunday, “though obviously it cannot restore the damage that has been done or erase the BBC’s guilt.”

Mr Bashir finally spoke out about the issue in May, telling the Sunday Times that he believes he did not injure Diana “in any way.”

“Everything we did for the interview was according to her wishes, from when she wanted to notify the Palace to when it was televised, to the topic… He told the newspaper, “My family and I loved her.”

“I don’t believe I can be held responsible for many of the other events in her life, let alone the complicated issues that surrounded those decisions.

“I understand the intent [of Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer], but I believe it’s a little harsh to pin the tragedy, the tense relationship between the royal family and the media solely on my shoulders… the implication that I am solely responsible is unreasonable and unfair.”

Earl Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother, is said to have advised donating the money.

Mr Bashir apologized for faking the documents, but he refused to concede he had been duped. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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