According to Nicola Sturgeon’s advisers, there is “no economic basis” for Scottish independence.


According to Nicola Sturgeon’s advisers, there is “no economic basis” for Scottish independence.

NICOLA STURGEON has been accused of misrepresenting the benefits of Scottish independence to the general public.

Nicola Sturgeon, according to GB News broadcaster Dan Wootton, should be more forthright and open about her motives for pursuing Scottish independence. Mr Wootton suggested that the movement for a fresh referendum is motivated more by emotion than by economic considerations. He said that the First Minister’s own advisers had recognized that having independence had no apparent economic benefits.

He went on to add that Ms. Sturgeon should be upfront with the public about her desire for independence.

“My difficulty is that, while I get the notion about the SNP following to a campaign promise, even Nicola Sturgeon’s advisers can see there is no economic evidence to argue Scotland would be a more wealthy nation if it were independent,” Mr Wootton added.

“We also know that Nicola Sturgeon will not confess it, therefore she is actually presenting a falsehood to the Scots.

“It would be different if she stood up and said, ‘This is a wholly emotional problem that is going to be catastrophic for us economically.’

“It would be different if she said the European Union would never accept us because of our debt levels, but let’s do it because it’s an emotional move.

“It will be awful for us economically, and it will produce massive poverty in Scotland, but let us do it because we believe in independence, but she will not say that.”

This comes after Nicola Sturgeon was dealt yet another setback in her quest for independence for Scotland.

Only 38% of people feel another referendum should be held within two years, according to a Survation study.

In yet another blow to the SNP’s independence hopes, the poll indicated that 57 percent of people want to stay in the UK, while 43 percent want independence.

The figures are in sharp contrast to last December, when a record high of 58 percent of Scots favored leaving the UK.

According to the findings of the Survation poll, there is now even more support for remaining in the UK than there was in the 2014 vote.

Seven years ago, Scots voted 55 percent to 45 percent against independence in a referendum.

A new poll has been ordered. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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