According to MPs, Scotland’s membership in the EU would construct a “Great Wall of Gretna Green” between England and Scotland.


According to MPs, Scotland’s membership in the EU would construct a “Great Wall of Gretna Green” between England and Scotland.

If Scottish voters choose to rupture relations with the rest of the UK in order to join the EU, a HARD border between Scotland and England will be necessary, according to the immigration minister.

On a tour to Scotland, Torbay Conservative MP Kevin Foster suggested that if Scotland voted “Yes” in a second independence referendum and chose to join the European Union, a “great wall of Gretna” would be required. If Scotland joined the Schengen agreement, a Brussels-based plan that allows unfettered travel between EU member states without passport checks, the Home Office minister argued that Holyrood would need to build a hard border between England and Scotland.

“If they [the SNP]wanted Scotland to join Schengen, it does involve a hard border, it means erecting a huge wall of Gretna,” Foster told journalists in Linlithgow, West Lothian.

Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister, struggled to explain how Scotland could be a member of the EU without erecting a border with a neighboring country outside of the Single Market during the 2017 Scottish Parliament elections.

And the matter of the border looks to be a major concern among Scottish voters.

According to previous Survation polling, Scots were less inclined to embrace independence if a hard border with England was a possibility.

Foster believes it is past time for Sturgeon’s followers to start “being open about the implications of some of their initiatives.”

The minister for immigration was also quick to rebuff Scottish requests for further immigration powers to be delegated to Holyrood.

Foster stated, “We’re absolutely clear that we need a migration system that works for the entire United Kingdom.”

Foster was also not afraid to criticize the SNP’s insistence on focusing on the topic of independence.

“We’re coming out of an incredible era of a pandemic, the first of its kind to hit the UK in a century,” he added. “Our attention should be focused on recovery, getting people back to work, and dealing with the numerous consequences we know the epidemic will have.”

It is estimated that 60% of Scottish exports go to the rest of the United Kingdom. This is more than three times the value of commodities shipped to the European Union.

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