According to JOHN LONGWORTH, Brexit freedoms will lead to post-pandemic super growth.


According to JOHN LONGWORTH, Brexit freedoms will lead to post-pandemic super growth.

I advised people to vote for Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party in the previous General Election in order to break the Parliamentary gridlock on Brexit.

It all seems so long ago, so far away, that it’s impossible to recall how terrible it was to witness three years of the UK political elite, in collusion with vast swaths of the media, attempting to subvert the people’s will and bind us to the EU indefinitely. Theresa May and Philip Hammond should be ashamed for working to eliminate any possibility of Britain carving out an independent economic destiny. Brexit has been completed to a considerable extent.

It did not address fishing or Northern Ireland, but the outrage and ongoing squabbles over these matters will serve to remind us of the EU’s evil intentions, notably between France and the Republic of Ireland, an old ally.

Brexit also restored Parliamentary autonomy and consequently control over our own affairs, which was a positive outcome. For some Brexiteers, this was the only issue.

It was also about freedom for people like me and many other entrepreneurs and business owners to pursue economic progress and wealth for the country.

To give everyone, including the areas, a chance. To allow the UK to pursue policies that the EU’s protectionist, mercantilist, and bureaucratic policies have previously barred. Unfortunately, two years later, this has yet to materialize itself in any manner shape or form. In fact, the government is hell-bent on becoming totalitarian, raising taxes, encouraging inactivity, enacting more rules and regulations, suffocating business, and distorting markets.

To be honest, Boris Johnson has been hammered by events for the past two years. His near-death experience during the Covid crisis led to a laser-like focus on the Pandemic. There were blunders. It became more crucial to safeguard the NHS than to protect people or their livelihoods. Lockdowns have shown to be no better than Sweden’s personal responsibility motto.

However, in the end, the private sector stepped in to save the day and created a vaccine in half the time. It gives the UK at least a three-month head start on our bureaucratic counterparts across the Channel, notwithstanding the EU’s cautious principle.

Rather of crawling out from under the plague with a strong economic plan, the government continues to pile on debt and promises only tax cuts. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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