According to experts, Meghan Markle wanted the Royal Family to be “more inclusive” with the American media.


Experts claim Meghan Markle wanted the Royal Family to be’more inclusive’ with the American press.

According to a royal expert, Meghan Markle wanted more American publications to be involved with the Royal Family and to be given the same access as the British press, which “planted one of the first seeds” for their eventual departure.

Omid Scobie, Royal Editor of Harpers Bazaar US and co-author of Prince Harry and Meghan’s biography Finding Freedom, suggested that the Sussexes’ desire to leave the Royal Family was due to press demands.

Mr Scobie believed the royal couple had requested a review of who was allowed into the royal press pack, and that Meghan, as an American, wanted more US outlets to be involved.

According to Mr Scobie, the pair were told that the institution could not help them and that if they wanted to choose who they spoke to, they would have to fund it themselves and be self-sufficient.

Mr Scobie claimed there were rumblings from the Sussexes about which media platforms had access to them while speaking on the BBC’s podcast “Harry, Meghan and the Media.”

“The initial conversations about wanting financial independence were actually born out of Prince Harry’s frustration with having to work alongside the royal press pack,” Mr Scobie said.

“For him, distance was important, and Meghan was frustrated that she was never included in foreign publications, especially those in the United States.”

“She’s an American, so why can’t American newspapers and television networks cover her?”

“Or have the same level of access as British media organizations,” he added.

“But, as they’ve been told many times, that’s not how things are done.”

“And so when Harry really raised the issue or the question of whether or not we could operate outside of the press pack and carry out our own engagements with members of the press that we wanted to work with, I thought it was a great idea.”

“Well, if you fund it yourself, you can pay for your own engagement,” said the top.

The conversation, according to Mr Scobie, “planted one of the first seeds” for Harry and Meghan to pursue independence.

When Harry tried to meet with other royals about the issue, the royal expert claimed he was met with “resistance” because he couldn’t find time to meet with them.

In January, Harry and Meghan were finally permitted to meet with the rest of the royals.

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