According to Dan Wootton, Boris Johnson’s summer break would symbolize “global Britain, not fortress Britain.”


According to Dan Wootton, Boris Johnson’s summer break would symbolize “global Britain, not fortress Britain.”

After it was reported that the Prime Minister would be staying in the UK for his summer vacation, a GB NEWS host backed Boris Johnson going on vacation abroad this summer.

“I think Boris is sending the wrong message to the country; travelling overseas this summer would have been a clear indication to the ravaged travel industry that we are truly going to help you survive and avoid the loss of thousands of jobs,” Dan Wootton, host of Tonight Live on GB News, said.

“It would also have signaled that global Britain had finally supplanted fortress Britain.”

“This goes against his first plan, which I understood was that he would be escaping to a sunny Greek island,” the GB News host remarked.

Stanley Johnson, the Prime Minister’s father and a panelist on GB News’ Tonight Live, said that he got into difficulties last summer when there were no direct flights from the UK to Greece.

“I called a Greek journalist and she said, sure, there are no direct flights, so I flew via Bulgaria,” he explained.

“It was voted on in the House of Commons in March, and you can go to Greece to take care of a property you own.”

“I haven’t gone since my house is in good shape,” Mr Johnson snr explained, “but I’m hoping to go in September.”

“If anyone deserves a vacation anywhere, it’s the Prime Minister.”

“I fully agree with that, I think Boris really needs a trip, a proper holiday, possibly some European sun, rather than this virtue signaling attempt to stay in the UK,” Dan Wootton commented.

Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie Johnson will staycation this year rather than travel abroad, according to a senior government source who previously informed The Telegraph.

After spending a week on the west coast of Scotland in 2020, the Prime Minister has chosen to spend his summer vacation in this country for the second year in a row.

The Prime Minister stated earlier this week that he wants to confine foreign travel to a “simple” system.

For UK vacationers, the travel limitations for international visits have been amended.

The revised travel list removes France from amber-plus status, removing the requirement for fully vaccinated visitors to quarantine.

The measure, which will take effect on Sunday, will also affect seven countries. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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