According to conspiracy theorists, a UFO was sighted on the minor planet Ceres in NASA photographs.


According to conspiracy theorists, a UFO was sighted on the minor planet Ceres in NASA photographs.

According to conspiracy theorists, a UFO was discovered on the dwarf planet Ceres, which is around three kilometers across.

In their search for extraterrestrials, alien hunters believe they have discovered the motherload of evidence. The ‘proof’ comes in the shape of an unusual object discovered in a crater on Ceres, a dwarf planet.

The dwarf planet, with a diameter of 590 miles (950 kilometers), is the largest object in the asteroid belt, which is a ring of space rocks located between Mars and Jupiter’s orbits.

Despite the danger, conspiracy theorists think they have discovered proof of aliens establishing a base in a crater.

Alien craters are used by aliens to shield themselves from meteors, according to prominent conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring.

“Looking through the Ceres photos in the JPL archives, I discovered a spaceship parked in a crater,” he stated on his site UFO Sightings Daily.

“The UFO is around 1-3 kilometers across and occupies about 20% of the crater. Why do aliens choose to land their ships in craters?

“It’s simple, to keep them safe from micrometeorites and other space debris.

“Depending on the crater walls and depth, the crater walls can assist lessen any incoming collisions from space debris by 20-40 percent.”

While Mr. Waring believes it is proof of aliens, the more likely answer is a lot less exciting.

Ceres is located in the asteroid belt, as previously stated. It is continually assaulted by small and huge space pebbles, as a result.

Mr Waring is most likely observing debris from a colliding boulder, or a peculiar rock formation that resulted from a collision.

Most UFOs, according to University of Arizona astronomer Chris Impey, have “mundane” explanations.

He said that there are billions of objects in space near Earth that are most likely the source of alleged UFO sightings.

“Most UFOs have mundane explanations,” he wrote in The Conversation. Meteors, fireballs, and Venus account for more than half of the total.

“While astronomers are familiar with such brilliant objects, the general population is typically unaware of them.”


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