According to an ex-military officer, aliens could ‘start WW3 by seizing nuclear weapons and interfering with missiles.’


According to an ex-military officer, aliens could ‘start WW3 by seizing nuclear weapons and interfering with missiles.’

An ex-military commander alleges that aliens may have taken control of nuclear weapons and tampered with missiles, resulting in a future worldwide conflict. Robert Salas was at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana in March 1967 when 10 intercontinental ballistic missiles suddenly stopped working.

The guns were configured to “no-go,” which meant they couldn’t be fired even if an order was given to do so.

According to CBS, he claimed the encounter occurred at the same time a strange-looking object was detected blazing in the sky.

Officials hurried to reactivate the ICBMs, but they couldn’t detect any physical damage or a reason for the outage.

Salas claims that aliens interfered with the weapons and rendered them useless, according to the Daily Star.

Robert Jamison, a retired missile targeting officer, remembers having to “restart” inactive missiles on multiple occasions.

Salas alleged that a similar incident occurred two days earlier at a control facility.

He and three other former captains will discuss suspected UFO interference cases and present declassified documents.

They’ll talk about their roles in UFO sightings at nuclear missile launch sites and test locations.

The findings will be presented at a conference on October 19, and the researchers are hoping that members in Congress will look into reports that UFOs have crippled nuclear weapons.

For more than seven decades, US military and intelligence authorities have reported purported UFO sightings near nuclear power plants.

According to History, “green fireballs” were sighted in Sandia, New Mexico in 1948, where the atomic bomb was built and tested.

Guy Hottel’s mystery declassified FBI report titled “Flying Saucer” from the 1950s discusses reported sightings in New Mexico.

According to CNN, three flying saucers with a diameter of roughly 50 feet were discovered, according to the article.

“The government has a very high-powered radar put up in the area,” according to one allegation, “and it is believed the radar interferes with the saucers’ controlling mechanism.” No additional action was taken by the FBI.

In December 1980, US Air Force air traffic controller Ivan Barker noticed a strange object hovering over RAF Bentwaters in England.

During the Cold War, the US Air Force utilized the facility to fight the Soviet Union.

“We looked up on the radar screen and saw something… not like anything I’d seen before,” Barker told History.

He described the thing as having the appearance of a helicopter but was stationary and shaped like a basketball.

“I was taken aback,” he stated. It wasn’t even close to being aerodynamic. Basketballs aren’t able to fly.” Fears that the strange-looking spheres could represent a national security threat to the US have grown among lawmakers since the Pentagon’s study on unusual aerial phenomena was released in June.

A total of 144 sightings were investigated in the report… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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