According to an ET hunter, a ‘black triangle’ UFO sighted near the Sun is being kept hidden from the public.


According to an ET hunter, a ‘black triangle’ UFO sighted near the Sun is being kept hidden from the public.

UFO hunters believe that information regarding extraterrestrial life is being suppressed by the forces that be. What evidence do they have? Images of a “black triangular UFO” near the Sun are hazy.

According to renowned UFO hunter Scott C Waring, the alleged alien spaceship has been seen around the Sun for the past five years. Mr. Waring maintains the blog UFO Sightings Daily, where he posts dubious and unverified video clips and photos of extraterrestrial events. His most recent exposé of the “black triangle” UFO, he claims, reveals a global effort to conceal proof of alien life from the general public.

Mr Waring uploaded photographs of the alleged alien craft on his blog, which he obtained from the Helioviewer website.

Helioviewer combines images of our Sun taken by numerous satellites that keep a close check on it.

The Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) of NASA and the European PROBA-2 satellite are two examples.

For a few years, Mr Waring has been tracking the Sun using the Helioviewer website, identifying photographs with tiny black splotches.

According to the conspiracy theorist, the black splotches are advanced alien craft racing around the Sun.

The black triangle UFO was first spotted by Mr Waring two years ago, and he believes it has since shifted.

He first noticed it in the upper left corner of the Sun five years ago.

Since then, it has vanished and returned in different areas of the Sun.

“Since then…,” Mr Waring stated. I’ve been keeping an eye on it and sending emails to astronomical organizations all over the world, but I’ve never gotten a response.”

Mr Waring believes the photographs are proof of ET life, rather than more logical explanations such as digital artefacts or malfunctions.

He estimates that the black triangle is about a fifth of the size of our globe and is made of a heat-resistant substance.

However, he believes he has unearthed a global conspiracy to keep this information hidden from the public.

“No scientific institution has ever acknowledged its existence,” Mr Waring claimed.

“Clearly, someone in a position of power is attempting to keep this information out of the hands of the general public.”

“In time, we will find out the truth,” the conspiracy theorist continued, claiming that billionaires like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates are in on the secret.

Of course, there is no proof. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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