According to a WHO expert, “over 160k lives” could be saved if “95 percent” of Europeans resume wearing masks.


According to a WHO expert, if “95 percent” of Europeans resume wearing masks, “over 160k lives” will be saved.

The World Health Organization has urged Europeans to wear masks, claiming that by doing so, over “160,000” lives will be saved from Coronavirus.

Robb Butler, Executive Director of the WHO, told Sky News’ Kay Burley on Wednesday that if over 95 percent of Europeans masked up, lives would be saved and virus transmission would plummet dramatically.

It comes as the WHO has warned that if the continent’s current rate of Covid transmission continues, Europe could see “over 500,000” deaths by next Spring.

“If we aim for 95 percent mask use, we’ll save over 160,000 lives,” Mr Butler said.

He also emphasized the importance of face coverings, citing a recent study published in the British Medical Journal that found that wearing a mask prevents “53 percent” of virus transmission.

As the continent approaches the new year, the WHO Executive Director went on to say that his organization is “very alarmed” and that the half-a-million deaths are “really worrisome.”

In a letter to leaders, he warned that the impact would have far-reaching consequences for public health, the economy, and hospitals and intensive care units.

He went on to say that the WHO is “very concerned” about the low vaccination rates in Europe.

“In the European region… only 54 percent of the population is vaccinated,” Mr Butler said.

“There is still a lot of work to be done.”

If no direct action is taken to reduce infection rates, Europe will face a “dangerous season,” according to the bug expert.

The remarks come as the number of people killed by the virus in Europe has now surpassed 1.5 million in the WHO’s Europe region, which includes 53 countries.

A new wave of high-profile cases has engulfed Europe, prompting Austria to declare a state of emergency and others to consider new measures.

Vaccine uptake on the continent is low, with Belgium having the lowest vaccination rates in Europe at only 74.8 percent fully jabbed, and Austria having similarly low rates.

However, citizens in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Austria rioted in protest of the new draconian laws that were being implemented across the continent.

Austria has now made vaccinations mandatory, which means that you must be vaccinated by law. The country has also implemented vaccine passports.

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