According to a UFO report, Barack Obama believes that alien encounters will lead to the emergence of new religions.


According to a UFO report, Barack Obama believes that alien encounters will lead to the emergence of new religions.

BARACK OBAMA believes that our first encounter with aliens, sometimes known as UFOs, has the potential to divide humanity along religious lines. Before the US Pentagon publishes a landmark report into unidentified aircraft phenomena, the former US president expressed his thoughts on the recent UFO craze (UAP).

The Pentagon UFO study is likely to be presented to the US Congress this month by the US Department of Defense (DoD). The long-awaited dossier is expected to explain what US intelligence agencies know about UFOs, or UAPs as they are known in official language. Former presidents, MPs, and politicians have joined the discourse after a flood of newly disclosed UFO recordings taken by US military personnel rekindled public interest in the phenomenon.

Former President Barack Obama has spoken out on the possible consequences of seeing an extraterrestrial species, while not knowing the contents of the study.

Mr. Obama took part in a podcast interview with Ezra Klein, a New York Times opinion columnist, this week.

He was shown a “what if” scenario in which autonomous drones from another planet arrive on our globe.

Mr Obama spoke on the UFO frenzy for the second time in as many weeks.

He has since indicated that he believes the experience would be transformative for humanity as a whole, but that it would not alter his particular political views.

“It’s intriguing,” he remarked. It would have no impact on my political views.

“Because my entire politics is based on the reality that we are these microscopic beings on this tiny speck floating in space.”

Mr. Obama went on to remark that his political convictions are based on the premise that “the disparities we have on this earth are genuine,” and that they may be a source of enormous joy or pain.

“We’re simply a bunch of humans with doubts and confusion,” he added.

Adding aliens to the mix, on the other hand, is likely to cause a stir, which Mr Obama believes will either benefit or further divide humanity, with new religions springing up to deal with the paradigm shift.

One of the most urgent scientific conundrums of the twentieth and twenty-first century has been whether we are alone in the cosmos.

Mr. Obama believes that encountering aliens will help humans establish common ground, adding, “And I would hope that the knowledge that there are aliens out there will strengthen people’s sense that what.”


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