According to a royal expert, the Queen’s favorite son is her youngest, not Prince Andrew.


According to a royal expert, the Queen’s favorite son is her youngest, not Prince Andrew.

A royal biographer has revealed the Queen’s favorite child, and they believe it isn’t the obvious pick.

Prince Andrew is often considered to be the monarch’s favorite child. But, according to royal author Matthew Dennison, this is not the case. Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward are the four children of the Queen and the late Duke of Edinburgh.

Following an event when the youngest son was 22, the Queen and Prince Philip favored Edward, according to Mr Denison.

Mr Dennison writes, “Prince Edward, seemingly a touch moist and a trifle unpleasant to the rest of us, was always his parents’ favorite.”

“That became clear in 1987, when Edward, then 22 years old, pulled out of the Royal Marines after just completing a third of his 12-month basic training course.

“Some were surprised that Prince Philip (Captain-General of the Royal Marines) did not swoop down like a ton of bricks on his son.

“He understood that the Marines were “not suited for Edward” – and Edward is grateful for that to this day.”

Other royal biographers believed that the Royal parents’ reaction is telling.

According to Ingrid Seward, royal biographer and author of My Husband and I, Philip’s reaction to Edward’s decision to leave the Royal Marines was unexpected and unexpected.

“Many people imagined he [Prince Philip] was upset, given his action-hero image and well-earned reputation for irascibility,” she told the Daily Mail.

“Word quickly spread that the father and son had exchanged harsh words, and that Edward had been driven to tears by his father’s rage.

“The truth was just the opposite: Philip was the most sympathetic member of the Royal Family.

“He respected and supported his son’s decision, which he thought was courageous.”

The only birth Philip witnessed was that of Edward.

Following his father’s death in April, Edward is expected to become the new Duke of Edinburgh.

Although Philip intended to pass it on to his youngest son, Prince Charles, the eldest son, will inherit all of his father’s titles.

According to reports, he is opposed to Edward being given the title.


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