According to a leaked email, the EU is being chastised for not being as helpful in resettling Afghans as the United Kingdom after Brexit.


According to a leaked email, the EU is being chastised for not being as helpful in resettling Afghans as the United Kingdom after Brexit.

THE European Union has been chastised for not being as liberal with its promises to resettle Afghan refugees as the United Kingdom after Brexit.

After their homeland fell to the Taliban, the EU is devising tactics to prevent Afghan migrants from flooding into the bloc. Governments fear a repetition of the 2015 migration crisis, which saw one million people enter from war-torn Middle Eastern and African countries. Following an extraordinary meeting in Brussels today, EU home affairs ministers are expected to agree on an united statement.

A leaked draft of the letter read, “The EU and its member states are resolved to act cooperatively to prevent the repeat of uncontrolled, large-scale, illegal migrant movements faced in the past.”

Member states are hoping that ministers will be able to agree on a package of measures to “defend the EU’s external borders and prevent unauthorized entry.”

More employees from the EU’s Frontex border force could be deployed, as well as the development of “new tools to combat attempts to instrumentalize unlawful migration for political goals.”

This is interpreted as a direct warning to Belarus, Turkey, and Russia, which EU officials fear are waging a “hybrid war” against Brussels by employing illegal immigrants.

However, the EU’s battle over a new anti-migration plan is expected to lead to acrimony among its member states.

Several nations in the bloc are staunchly opposed to migration, while others are more receptive to resettling Afghan refugees.

Luxembourg suggested that by refusing to make a similar guarantee to Britain to take in migrants fleeing the Taliban, the EU risked being perceived as parsimonious.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to rehouse 20,000 Afghan refugees, a commitment that Luxembourg’s foreign minister, Jean Asselborn, believes the EU should equal.

“We can’t accept all of them, but at least some,” Mr Asselborn told reporters as he arrived at the emergency meeting. At the very least, we should allow the European Commission to make ideas.

“20,000 settlements cannot be attributed only to the United Kingdom. Europe, too, must move in this path.

With the Syrian crisis in 2015, the EU was confronted with an issue for which we were unprepared. That is undeniable. We are less equipped to face this situation six years later than we were in 2015. It pains me to say this.

“Europe must not be merely the UK for persons in Afghanistan who are at higher risk,” says Brinkwire Summary News.


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