According to a friend, Princess Diana planned to get into Hollywood with “big motion pictures.”


According to a friend, Princess Diana planned to get into Hollywood with “big motion pictures.”

PRINCESS DIANA was considering relocating to Malibu and pursuing a career in filmmaking in Hollywood, according to a close friend of the late princess.

The late Princess of Wales, together with her two sons, Prince Harry and Prince William, were rumored to be preparing a move to Malibu.

On August 31, 1997, she tragically died in an automobile accident in a Parisian tunnel, aged 24.

Stewart Pearce, a vocal coach who spent time with Diana just days before the accident, claims she told him about her hopes of breaking into Hollywood.

The Princess had a dream of making movies on her charities.

“Through offers that had been made to her, there were a number of huge projects simmering in her consciousness,” Mr Pearce told the Daily Mail.

“However, one of the key opportunities she intended to create was to begin producing documentaries about three charity causes, which would subsequently be incorporated into major motion pictures.

“She intended to spend a significant amount of time in Hollywood.

“The idea was that Diana was starting to tap into her creative potential.”

Mr Pearce stated on the 24th anniversary of Diana’s death that Diana had no interest in becoming an actor and preferred to work behind the scenes.

Kevin Costner reportedly approached the Princess about appearing in a sequel to his 1992 film The Bodyguard.

Mr Pearce went on to explain that it was Diana’s charm, not her royal status, that made her so popular in Hollywood.

Mr Pearce stated, “The creative industries are focused on overt communication.”

“She was also a natural communicator.

“One of the things she was able to accomplish was make herself instantly approachable by saying something.

“She endeared herself to everyone right away.”


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