According to a forensic expert, Gabby Petito’s postmortem likely revealed ‘glaring’ injuries, and she may have been mistreated and starved.


According to a forensic expert, Gabby Petito’s postmortem likely revealed ‘glaring’ injuries, and she may have been mistreated and starved.

GABBY Petito’s autopsy revealed “glaring” injuries, and a forensic expert believes she may have been neglected and starved if her relationship with Brian Laundrie was abusive.

Joseph Scott Morgan, speaking exclusively to The Sun, claimed it was “fascinating” because the Teton County Coroner announced Gabby’s death as a homicide barely two days after her body was discovered last month.

According to him, a coroner usually has an easier time determining the cause of death, which might be strangling, shooting, or medical issue.

They utilize this information to assess if the death was caused by homicide, suicide, natural death, accident, or undetermined causes.

“That’s actually contradictory for what we do in my area,” Morgan, the presenter of the podcast Body Bags, said of the method of death being revealed so quickly.

“What’s amazing is that they came up with the way first.

“I can claim that they observed something glaring based on my professional experience.” “They noticed something obvious.” Morgan, an Associate Professor of Applied Forensics at Jacksonville State University, said the Wyoming coroner’s office would likely take its time publishing the final results because Gabby’s case is still in the national limelight.

“From a scientific sense, I believe it is best to turn everything off,” he stated.

“I don’t just mean that in a bodily sense.” I mean, don’t read anything, don’t listen to your spouse, friends, or family members, and don’t respond to their questions.

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“There could be additional evidential considerations,” Morgan noted, “and the waters are so muddied because of the period since death.”

“You want to speak with everyone in the forensic field that you can, that you have access to, to see if there’s anything we missed, if there’s anything else we need to test further.”

“Because the worst-case scenario is that you hand over the body and the family decides to have the remains incinerated.”

Dr. Brent Blue indicated on Monday that the full autopsy results would be disclosed today.

The entire results should reveal Gabby’s death time and cause, putting an end to weeks of conjecture regarding her final moments and where her fianc√© was.

Morgan, who previously served as a Senior Investigator for the Fulton County Medical Examiner in Atlanta, is optimistic that a cause of death will be discovered, despite Gabby’s body being in a state of decay after weeks spent outside.

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