According to a Bible expert, the discovery of dinosaurs shatters the idea of evolution, calling it a “affront to God.”


According to a Bible expert, the discovery of dinosaurs shatters the idea of evolution, calling it a “affront to God.”

A Bible scholar has claimed that the discovery of an immaculately preserved dinosaur fossil in a Montana canyon wall can indicate our world is only 6,000 years old and that evolution is a “affront to God.”

According to popular belief, a fatal asteroid slammed into our planet 66 million years ago, causing the dinosaurs to become extinct. The geological record and radiometric dating, which detects the decay of isotopes in rocks, have revealed this to scientists. When cosmology is added to the equation, scientists concur that our planet is 4.53 billion years old.

Young Earth Creationists, on the other hand, believe there is a lot easier way to figure out the planet’s age: reference the Bible.

Young Earth Creationists believe God created the earth and all of its wonders within 10,000 to 6,000 years by following the Biblical chronology from the birth of Jesus Christ to the very earliest moments of Genesis.

From the notion of evolution to our understanding of when dinosaurs inhabited the Earth, the theory directly contradicts everything science has learned about life.

Tom Meyer, a Bible studies professor at Shasta Bible College and Graduate School in California, feels that one discovery in particular illustrates Young Earth Creationism’s superiority over the scientific paradigm.

When fossil hunter Dan Stephenson discovered the remnants of a 77 million-year-old duckbill dinosaur wedged in a canyon wall in Montana, the world of palaeontology was left reeling.

Despite the fact that this dinosaur’s scientific name is Brachylophosaurus Canadensis, experts have nicknamed the fossil Leonardo after surrounding graffiti that reads “Leonard Webb loves Geneva Jordan 1916.”

What made this fossil so special? Unlike most dinosaur remains discovered around the world, Leonardo’s skin imprints were preserved in fossilized form.

“[Dan Stephenson] identified the exposed tail and pelvis of the beast in a sandstone deposit in the Judith River Formation,” Professor Meyer informed this website.

“The dinosaur’s remains have been certified as the best-preserved dinosaur in the world by The Guinness Book of World Records, owing to their awe-inspiring state.

“At the time of its death, the duckbill dinosaur was estimated to be four years old, 23 feet long, and weighing roughly 4,000 pounds.

“90 percent of what makes the discovery so special.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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