According to 1,200 scientists, lifting the lockdown in England presents a hazard to the entire world.


According to 1,200 scientists, lifting the lockdown in England presents a hazard to the entire world.

SCIENTISTS gathering for a virtual conference on Monday blasted Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to ease restrictions on Monday, warning that it might have global ramifications.

On Friday, experts and government advisers from around the world met online to warn the UK that its plans for July 19th’s “Freedom Day” are a “threat to the planet.”

Boris Johnson’s ideas are “dangerous and premature,” according to more than 1,200 specialists who signed a letter to the Lancet medical publication.

The Prime Minister has indicated that most Covid restrictions will be relaxed on Monday, July 19, but consumers are advised to proceed with caution.

“It is critical that we proceed with prudence right now…

“We cannot simply return to life as it was before Covid on Monday,” Boris Johnson remarked on Monday.

The warning comes as concerns grow about the Delta Covid variant’s ability to spread quickly over the world.

The director of UCL’s Clinical Operational Research Unit, Christina Pagel, expressed alarm about a new variety developing this summer.

“Any mutation that improves the ability to infect vaccinated persons has a huge selection advantage and can spread,” she said.

“And, because of our position as a global travel hub, any variety that becomes dominant in the UK will almost certainly spread to the rest of the world – we saw it with Alpha, and I’m confident we helped Delta grow through Europe and North America.”

“The UK policy impacts everyone – everyone has a stake in what we do,” says the author.

Clinical epidemiologist Deepti Gurdasani, who was also present at Friday’s session, agreed.

Before the event, he stated on Twitter, “The world is watching the current preventable disaster evolve in the UK.”

On Friday, the UK experienced the largest number of Covid cases in a single day since mid-January.

There were 51,870 persons who tested positive for Covid, with 49 deaths reported.

There were 717 persons brought to hospitals with Covid symptoms on July 12, up 43 percent from the previous seven days.

At the meeting, Yaneer Bar-Yam, head of the New England Complex Systems Institute and founder of the World Health Network, remarked, “Opening up while the epidemic is still spreading doesn’t make sense for public protection.”

“Once the pandemic has gotten out of hand, everyone is affected.”

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