Absurd! As the EU ignores the UK’s offer on the tight Brexit border conflict, a new “nightmare” is on the horizon.


Absurd! As the EU ignores the UK’s offer on the tight Brexit border conflict, a new “nightmare” is on the horizon.

A BREXIT quarrel erupted last night after the EU suggested it would pursue a solution to a difficult border dispute that the UK had dismissed earlier this summer.

Under the Northern Ireland Protocol, the European Commission is presently formulating a plan to assure the ongoing long-term supply of medicines from the United Kingdom to Northern Ireland beginning next year.

Nonetheless, Eurocrats are working on a legislative proposal for the European Council and the European Parliament to examine, despite the UK government’s concerns.

Regulatory compliance duties, such as quality control tests for new pharmaceuticals designated specifically for the Northern Ireland market, would be done in the UK on a permanent basis under the plan.

Instead of asking businesses to set up these procedures in Northern Ireland or the EU after present grace periods end in December 2021, this option would be preferred.

However, Brussels claims that the UK government would have to put in place additional controls to ensure that those products did not cross the Irish border into the EU’s internal market.

When licensing items for use in Northern Ireland, UK ministers would also have to fully respect EU medicines legislation on quality, safety, batch testing, and release.

Last night, the Commission stated that the suggested solution would be based on the UK’s “clear intention to put in place the safeguards.”

According to a Brussels insider, the legislative proposal would be presented to the Council and Parliament before the end of the summer.

If no solution is found soon, drug companies may be forced to remove up to 90% of the drugs they supply to the region.

In response, a Whitehall source familiar with the Protocol’s continuing negotiations claimed the desire to harmonise with EU laws for drugs was “absurd.”

“Running the EU’s system would be a bureaucratic nightmare,” they continued to the Express about the larger intentions.

“We’ve already told them the concept isn’t going to work; it appears they’re just pursuing their own agenda.”

The UK’s tough stance on medicines comes after ministers revealed intentions to postpone border inspections on goods entering the country from Northern Ireland while crucial discussions to rework the Protocol begin.

The Protocol is a component of the Brexit divorce agreement that aims to avoid a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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