‘Absolute workaholic’ has been confirmed by Prince Charles as the ‘hardest-working’ Royal Family member.


‘Absolute workaholic’ has been confirmed by Prince Charles as the ‘hardest-working’ Royal Family member.

A royal expert sympathised with Prince Charles after he was seen “falling asleep” at major international events, describing him as the “hardest-working” member of the Royal Family.

After stepping in for the Queen in recent months, royal editor and commentator Robert Jobson claimed Prince Charles was “without a shadow of a doubt” the hardest-working Royal Family member.

Mr Jobson claimed that he put in a lot of “after-hours” work that was not visible to the public and that he was an “absolute workaholic.”

Mr Jobson then rebutted the Prince of Wales’s criticisms after he was seen “falling asleep” during his visit to Barbados.

Mr Jobson discussed the Royal Family’s work and backed Prince Charles in an interview with the Royal Beat podcast.

“There used to be an ongoing joke among the royal household, probably unfair, that [royals]walk into one room and that’s one job, walks into another room and that’s another job,” he told the panel.

“I believe the Prince of Wales is the Royal Family’s hardest worker.

“They have no idea how much work he does after hours; he’s effectively filling in for Her Majesty most of the time.”

“I have to tell you, he’s a complete workaholic…”

He’s on the road all over the world, and everyone was mocking him for falling asleep in Barbados.

“However, the reality is that he never stops working, and he is without a doubt the most diligent royal.”

In preparation for his ascension to the throne, Prince Charles has been increasing his royal duties and collaborating with the Commonwealth to assist the Queen.

Prince Charles recently stepped in for the Queen, who was scheduled to visit Barbados following the island’s formal declaration of independence on November 30.

During the ceremony, however, Prince Charles was seen nodding his head, as if he was dozing off.

The ceremony, which began at 11.30 p.m. local time (3.30 a.m. UK time), was attended by the Prince of Wales.

The slave trade was addressed by Prince Charles, who called it the “darkest days of our past,” but added that the “creation of this republic offers a new beginning.”

After she passed away, the Queen’s health was questioned.

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