A yellow warning has been issued for ferocious winds in the United Kingdom, which are expected to ‘definitely impede transport.’


A yellow warning has been issued for ferocious winds in the United Kingdom, which are expected to ‘definitely impede transport.’

THE MET OFFICE has forecast two days of exceptionally strong and chilly winds this weekend, which might make public and private transportation difficult.

Meteorologists have anticipated high winds that would disrupt the nation over the weekend, thus the Met Office has issued a yellow warning for Friday 26 and Saturday 27 November. According to the weather service, the gales will be accompanied by rain heading south on Friday, followed by showers that will be snowy at times and last into Saturday.

Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the northern portion of England are now under a Friday warning, while Saturday’s gales are likely to wreak havoc throughout the entire country.

“Potential for a spell of very windy weather across much of the UK during Saturday,” according to the Met Office.

A major low-pressure system will drop southward into the North Sea from Friday into Saturday, bringing very strong and damaging winds, especially to Northern and Western parts of the UK, according to AccuWeather meteorologist Isaac Longley.

“Winds can gust as high as 60-70 mph (100-110 kph) throughout Northern Ireland, western coastal Scotland, eastern Scotland, and northeastern England,” Mr Longley told This website, “with gusts of 50-60 mph (80-100 kph) forecast for the rest of the UK.”

“Winds of this magnitude can wreak havoc on travel, causing power outages and traffic delays.”

Various forms of transportation, including road, rail, air, and ferry, are expected to have delays, according to the Met Office.

Brits should also be aware of the possibility of structural damage as a result of events such as roof tiles being blown off homes.

Power outages may have an impact on services such as mobile phone coverage.

There’s also a potential that roads and bridges will be closed.

Passengers have been warned by airlines such as Logan Air ahead of the weekend.

According to ITV, the business wrote to clients on Tuesday offering rebookings for weekend flights.

“In light of the expected high winds Friday 26 and Saturday 27 across the UK and potential for travel interruption, we are offering passengers the opportunity to change travel plans without charge,” Logan Air said in an email to affected customers.

Customers were given the option of rebooking their flights for the following week due to strong winds that the airline said would interrupt flights starting Friday.

“Brinkwire Summary News” meteorologist Isaac Longley predicts the stormy trend will persist into the following week.


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