A would-be terrorist was arrested after attempting to join a jihadi training camp with the help of benefits.


A would-be terrorist was arrested after attempting to join a jihadi training camp with the help of government benefits.

A WANNABE terrorist who used government benefits to pay for his trip to a jihadi training camp in Syria has been sentenced to prison.

Mamun Rashid, of Whitechapel, east London, was apprehended by Turkish authorities in February 2019, after flying from London to Istanbul and planning his attack for six months.

The 28-year-old’s terror plot was partially funded by his student loan – despite the fact that he did not attend lectures or complete any coursework – as well as state benefits for being his mother’s registered carer, according to Woolwich Crown Court.

Detectives believe he had no intention of finishing his studies and instead intended to use the money to travel.

Rashid pleaded guilty to one count of terrorism preparation after initially denying the charge when deported to the United Kingdom.

Rashid was sentenced to a total of 12 years and three months in prison, with a further five years on probation, by His Honour Judge Andrew Lees on Thursday.

“When you were 23 years old, you started corresponding with a friend about an ‘amazing idea’ you claimed Allah had given you,” the judge said.

“You said you were ‘crazy enough to go through with it’ for Allah’s sake.

You said you were constantly thinking about dying for Allah’s sake.

“While enjoying the luxuries of your life in London, you lamented the plight of Muslims around the world.”

You claimed that until Allah saved you, you felt like a hypocrite, and that after that, you felt like a king.”

Judge Lees said he couldn’t verify Rashid’s claims in custody that he had lost his extremist mindset.

Rashid wanted to travel to Syria, which has been engulfed in a bloody civil war since 2011, to fight the government of Bashar Al Assad, according to prosecutor Paul Jarvis.

Mr Jarvis claimed that Rashid became interested in the plight of Muslims in Syria in his early twenties and blamed Al Assad for their suffering.

He went on to say that Rashid began telling others about his plans, telling one that he hoped to be the best martyr and that he needed to get to the blessed land.

Rashid was briefly thrown out of the family home by his father, who suspected him of being a terrorist, according to the court.

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