‘A woman has a cervix,’ says Truss, implying that transgender people should not be entitled to self-identify.


‘A woman has a cervix,’ says Truss, implying that transgender people should not be entitled to self-identify.

At the party Conference on Sunday, LIZ TRUSS asserted that transgender persons should not be entitled to self-identify without medical examinations.

When asked about her equalities brief last month, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson agreed with Labour MP Rosie Duffield’s statement that “only women have a cervix.” She risked a reaction from the transgender community by arguing that “medical checks are necessary” in determining someone’s legal gender status.

“You witness the ridiculousness of identity politics last week at the Labour Conference, which is ending up saying ‘women don’t have cervixes,’ or whatever,” she told the Telegraph’s Chopper’s Politics Podcast during the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.

“Ms. Duffield is correct in her assertion that women have cervixes.

“But, more importantly, she has a right to be free to express herself.”

“I think it’s a tremendous problem for British politics when we attempt to sweep things under the rug and can’t have an open, honest, and logical debate.”

“It wouldn’t be right if there were no checks on self-identification.”

Transgender people must currently meet certain criteria in order to get a Gender Recognition Certificate, which legally changes their gender.

Its requirements state that they make a proclamation committing to live permanently in the gender they have obtained.

A doctor’s diagnosis of gender dysphoria is also necessary, as is a medical documentation of any hormone treatment or surgery.

They must also have spent at least two years in their new gender.

However, many people are disappointed that transgender people do not need surgery to legally change their gender.

Others have stated that certain male-born athletes competing in women’s events has created a mockery of professional athletics.

“I believe we’ve approached transgender people correctly,” Ms Truss added.

“We’ve simplified the procedure while while making it gentler.”

“I have the utmost regard for transgender people, but self-identification without checks and balances in the system isn’t right.”

“Is it a clear medical understanding of how that process works, and those medical checkups are important,” she continued.

Her remarks come after a long-running feud within the Labour Party, which resulted in Ms Duffield’s absence from the party’s conference in Brighton last week.


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