A Welsh Jack Russell with no eyes is looking for a new forever home.


A Welsh Jack Russell with no eyes is looking for a new forever home.

A DOG WITH BOTH EYES LOST is looking for new owners to help her navigate the world.

When Rosie, a Jack Russell, arrived at Hope Rescue Centre in Pontyclun, South Wales, she was already blind and suffering from glaucoma. Sadly, at only two and a half years old, it was decided that the pup’s eyes should be removed to save any further discomfort.

It is now hoped that despite her blindness, the young dog will find the perfect match with someone who will love and care for her.

“Rosie does require some extra supervision on walkies owing to her lack of vision to avoid her bumping into items or tumbling over curbs,” a spokesman for the rescue center stated.

“However, Rosie does remarkably well, and her foster family has been working hard to give her cues to let her know when something important is about to happen. It doesn’t take her long to figure out where she is.”

Rosie is looking for experienced owners with a secure garden she can explore. She would want to be the only dog in her new home, although she would like to walk with a calm canine companion.

“Rosie will react to passing cars and will need to be walked away from roads, and while she is eager to get in the car, she is easily stressed when traveling,” the charity noted.

“She’ll be a wonderful addition to the appropriate family who can see past her disability and recognize the vibrant and playful child she is, as well as the sensitive kid who needs reassurance in a noisy world.

“Rosie is suspicious of new people and needs to be gently introduced to them, but with the help of a few goodies, she quickly warms up to them; once she knows you, she is quite friendly, but prefers not to be picked up.”

Due to a high hunting drive, the pup may only go to households with children aged 14 and up, and cannot live with tiny animals such as cats or hamsters, according to WalesOnline.

During the UK lockdown, a puppy assists a Canadian woman.

“Rosie has a high prey drive, therefore she requires a home without tiny furries or cats, as well as owners,” Hope Rescue noted.


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