A wedding on the rocks in Monaco? Charlene’s ‘tense embrace’ with Albert is ineffective.


A wedding on the rocks in Monaco? Charlene’s ‘tense embrace’ with Albert is ineffective.

ROYAL MONACO The decision of Princess Charlene to remain in her home South Africa has raised questions about the state of her marriage to Prince Albert.

Concerns about the state of two Monaco royals’ marriage have increased the pressure on them. Princess Charlene, 43, has not visited Monaco since March, prompting suspicion that her marriage to Prince Albert, 63, is in jeopardy.

After his former Olympic swimmer wife failed to return to Monaco to mark the couple’s tenth wedding anniversary, the Prince’s Palace has been pressed to tell all about his supposed marital problems.

In March, Princess Charlene flew to Johannesburg to begin a conservation tour.

The journey was only supposed to last 10 to 12 days at first.

However, according to The Telegraph, Charlene’s departure coincided with her husband’s paternity suit over a love kid allegedly born early in their relationship.

Prince Albert fathered two further illegitimate children with Princess Charlene, including twins Gabriella and Jacques.

According to sources in Monaco, the one-time Commonwealth Games silver medalist chose not to return to the Principality owing to a “severe” ear, nose, and throat illness.

This follows Prince Albert’s confirmation earlier this month that his wife underwent a four-hour operation.

He went on to say that Charlene was still “resting.”

HSH Princess Charlene (@hshprincesscharlene) shared a post.

Last week, the couple appeared to take steps to dispel rumors that their marriage was in jeopardy.

On August 25, Prince Albert and his 6-year-old twins travelled down to South Africa to see Charlene.

Charlene shared photos of her spouse on social media while in the rainbow nation.

One caption read, “I am so thrilled to have my family back with me.”

Despite the photos, Princess Charlene is expected to remain in South Africa until October.


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