A ‘very fatigued’ paramedic criticizes gasoline stockpiling and the “aggressive” public.


A ‘very fatigued’ paramedic criticizes gasoline stockpiling and the “aggressive” public.

Fuel panic-buyers are impacting the operations of emergency services across the country, according to a paramedic operating in the south of England.

They recounted how fuel shortages have hampered first responders’ ability to execute their tasks. “It feels like we, as an ambulance service, all taken a tremendous hit through Covid,” the ambulance driver, who asked to remain nameless, told this website.

“We were so busy all the time responding to patients who were severely sick and doing 15-hour shifts that we couldn’t obtain anything since it had all been taken by folks who were storing food supplies unnecessarily.””

He went on to describe the kind of environment that some rescue workers encountered after filling up their tanks.

He described the atmosphere as “very tense.”

“It’s interesting, because only a few months ago we ended the societal custom of cheering for caretakers every Thursday afternoon, and now I’m in a gas station getting really harsh glances and unpleasant behavior from people.”

During the fuel scarcity, the paramedic described additional challenges operating an ambulance.

“Last week, on Thursday, I worked a 12-hour shift in Berkshire,” he continued.

“On an ambulance shift, we usually respond to five or six calls.”

“On this specific day, my crewmate and I went to eleven different jobs. It had been a particularly hectic shift.

“The phone was ringing. We were out of service for two and a half hours in the middle of that shift seeking for fuel.

“So, throughout that time, as we were frantically seeking for gas, calls were flooding in and stacking up, and there was no one to answer.”

“As soon as we cleared the fuel station, we were dispatched to a job.” It’s making a difference.” “The irony is that when a member of the public goes to one gas station and fills up half their tank, then goes to another petrol station and fills up the other half when all they do is drive 10 miles in a week,” he continued. “We go out and put a quarter of a tank in, and then we head out to work right away.”

“We don’t have enough time to simply stand there and fill up the van,” says Brinkwire “..


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