A vacationer claims that the beach town should be on a no-travel list because it is so crowded.


A vacationer claims that the beach town should be on a no-travel list because it is so crowded.

Newquay should be on the prohibited UK travel list, according to a tourist who cut her trip to Cornwall short due to the crowds.

Ali Arnison claimed that she and her family were unable to “leave” the coastal town’s crowds. Last week, they drove more than 360 miles round trip to visit the Cornish beaches, but they left early on Thursday.

The location should be added to the list of locations to avoid visiting.

Ali Arnison is a British actress.

The vacationer even vented her frustrations on Facebook, saying she couldn’t find seats at restaurants or buy food in the town’s supermarkets.

She also believes that Newquay, along with the popular red and amber countries, should be on the UK’s restricted travel list.

“I had to return home from Newquay early. The location should be added to the list of places to avoid visiting,” Ali stated.

Cornwall Live has the story. The Covid rate in Newquay is twice that of the rest of the country.

However, business leaders believe that this is not attributable to tourism.

“The restaurants are still jam-packed,” Ali said. Supermarkets that are insanely busy but have no workers and bare shelves.

“Even isolated beaches were packed; there was no way to get away from the people. I really feel bad for the locals.”

Residents in Cornwall have recently slammed tourists as a result of an uptick in unruly behavior, with one father punching a street cleaner.

In a “utterly nasty” rampage last night, thugs flung chairs, sun loungers, and parasols into a hotel pool.

“We must not get to the position in Wales in the 1970s where they burned down second homes,” said Kim Conchie, chief executive of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce. It’s impossible to paint everyone with the same brush.

“We are not satisfied with second-home owners who do not buy their products and services from local people and do not contribute to things like local businesses and pubs.

“However, Cornwall is at the forefront of sustainable and regenerative tourism. We need to make it clear that these individuals are welcome, but that we expect them to behave in a certain way, such as supporting local companies and services.”

Without warning, countries can be added to the UK government’s red and amber travel lists.

They were first introduced earlier this year, as the country began to reopen after being under siege.

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