A TikTok recreation of ‘Resident Evil 2’ goes viral for how well it captures the original game’s gameplay.


A TikTok recreation of ‘Resident Evil 2’ goes viral for how well it captures the original game’s gameplay.

Even after more than two decades, “Resident Evil 2” retains a lot of its allure.

Fans aren’t only nostalgic for the official Capcom reboot of the classic this time. Rather, according to GameRant, a hilarious live-action replica of the original gameplay is making the rounds on TikTok.

The video, uploaded by a user named lake skywalker, appears to flawlessly mimic the gameplay of “Resident Evil 2” on the original PlayStation console, which was released 23 years ago.

It’s as follows:

@lake skywalker

CW: a cartoon with a lot of fake blood and a gun… original sound – LakeSteel (hashtag)residentevil (hashtag)residentevil2 (hashtag)leonkennedy (hashtag)leonkennedycosplay (hashtag)biohazard (hashtag)biohazard2 (hashtag)fyp (hashtag)foryoupage As you can see, the video even includes the strange camera angles that made controlling Leon Kennedy around the zombies strewn across the game environment extremely challenging.

There’s even a fully rendered, retro-looking inventory screen (pixelated for authenticity), as well as the old loading screens for opening doors and climbing upstairs.

Finally, the way the “zombies” move and pull back when shot is eerily similar to the original PlayStation game “Resident Evil 2.” Take a look at this tutorial video by YouTuber TurkishBullet19 if you don’t trust me: The popular TikTok video has had over 750,000 views, 54.5k likes, over 3,000 comments, and nearly 8,000 shares as of this writing.

A behind-the-scenes video of the Leon Kennedy gameplay remake, as well as other “Resident Evil” reenactments, including the original game in the series and “Resident Evil 4,” has been shared by the aforementioned TikTok user.

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Over the course of its six-year lifespan, the original PlayStation console was home to a slew of classic titles. However, few games could compare to the “Resident Evil” series, particularly the second installment, “Resident Evil 2.” The game received so positive reviews that it acquired an excellent metascore of 89 from Metacritic, with an average user score of 9.2. It was awarded the 5th best PlayStation game in 1998, the 3rd most-discussed PlayStation game, and the 6th most-shared PlayStation game in the same year, thanks to an overwhelmingly good reception.

According to PCGamesN, the game sold about 5 million copies in 1998. This effectively launched the firm into the limelight, cementing Capcom’s position as one of the industry’s leading game developers. News from Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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