A terrifying Tik Tok video shows Chinese students practicing mortars in school.


A terrifying Tik Tok video shows Chinese students practicing mortars in school.

In a horrifying viral video uploaded on social media, Chinese students were recorded participating in terrifying mortar drills at school.

Chinese youngsters were filmed participating in large-scale military drills. The unsettling video, which has gone viral on China’s Tik Tok social media site, shows what look to be military instructors instructing young schoolchildren on how to fire a mortar. The two young schoolgirls stand poised, one with a primed mortar bomb ready to shoot while the other nervously flinches as the teacher screams directions.

The unsettling video concludes with the youngsters firing a mortar into the air, which bursts in a cloud of colored smoke.

In the backdrop, squads of camo-clad children can be seen walking by.

In the backdrop, more schoolchildren sit in what appears to be a play yard, receiving training.

China is “now teaching its children how to worship Xi Jinping,” according to GB NEWS host Colin Brazier, who warned that China is “now teaching its children how to worship Xi Jinping.”

“In Britain, a structure developed over generations that prohibits the sole hero-worship of one individual,” Mr Brazier told GB News viewers.

“Our monarch is the closest, yet she has no real power.”

“No one is teaching young children about Queen Elizabeth’s thoughts, any more than Boris Johnson is publishing a small blue book to instruct naïve teenagers on how to think.

“In recent years, Winston Churchill has been surrounded by the closest thing we’ve seen to a political cult of personality.

“Imagine what would happen if someone painted the word “racist” on a Xi Jinping statue in Beijing’s center.

“Well, any philosophy other than China’s own Marxism with a Chinese face makes China wary.

He went on to say, “It has clamped down on Uighur Muslims, Buddhist Tibetans, and Chinese Christians.”

“What is disturbing is how little this disturbs us, which is partly due to our ignorance.”

“I want to believe that, in the end, people’s power will overthrow the Communist Party.

“It has happened in other regions of the world many times before.

“However, no country the size of China has ever brought together information and surveillance technology in such a way that appears to suppress even the smallest hint of revolutionary dissent.

He went on to say, “Having exiled.” Brinkwire Summary News


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