A survivor of a near-death experience remembers being swept backwards into a bizarre garden.


A survivor of a near-death experience remembers being swept backwards into a bizarre garden.

After losing consciousness, an NEAR-DEATH victim described feeling “sucked backwards” into a void.

In attempt to learn more about the phenomenon, researchers and medical specialists questioned persons who had had a near-death experience.

These folks died from medical causes but were resuscitated in some fashion, giving them a taste of what it’s like to die.

Reddit users have been sharing their near-death experiences.

According to The Mirror, one user entitled IDiedForABit described a moment when an allergic reaction caused their heart to stop.

The individual recalled being “sucked backwards” and then ending up in a garden.

The mystery garden, on the other hand, felt creepy and not like a regular lush landscape.

“I recall being sucked backwards, very slowly, like being pulled through water, with this blackness fading in and out,” they claimed.

“I was peering out onto a garden at one point when it faded back in.

“There were no flowers, only dust and uneven grass.

“There was a playground in the middle with a merry-go-round and two kids going around it. There’s a boy and a female.

“It’s hard to explain, but I had the impression that I could choose whether to stay or leave, but every time I tried to leave, I was locked in place.

“I went over all the reasons why I wanted to return, and when I told the presence that I didn’t want to forsake my mother, whatever had been holding me back finally let go.

“I yanked myself back into my body. For six minutes, my heart had stopped.”

Near-death experiences are a deeply individualized event with similar qualities, according to specialists.

Near death experiences are a subjective phenomenon that occurs during life-threatening crises, according to neuroscience studies.


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