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A Suitable Boy viewers divided by Lata’s choice in husband in the BBC series finale

The last episode of A Suitable Boy has divided viewers with Lata’s choice of husband – with critics saying they’re ‘disappointed’ she picked the ‘sweet, hardworking’ prospect instead of her passionate lover.

Adapted from Indian author Vikram Seth’s book of the same name, the BBC series follows the fortunes of a young girl called Lata Mehra, who attempts to find a suitable boy to marry in post-colonial India.

Lata (played by screen newcomer Tanya Maniktala) first loses her heart to fellow university student Kabir, who is brimming with passion, but is sadly unsuitable at the time since he is Muslim, while she is a Hindu. 

Next on the list is unlovable Amit, the brother of Lata’s sister-in-law, while the final contender is Haresh (played by Bollywood star Namit Das), a humble shoe factory foreman who is ‘sweet’ and always puts Lata first.

To the surprise of viewers it is the latter ‘hardworking and safe’ prospect who receives Lata’s hand in marriage in the final episode – leaving some fans ‘upset’ that she didn’t pick ‘passionate’ Kabir.

One person wrote: ‘That wasn’t the one she was meant to be with! SO disappointed,’ while another viewer said: ‘Totally loved #ASuitableBoy. She chose a sweetie in the end, but my heart ached for Kabir.’

A third unimpressed viewer added: ‘Just finished watching A Suitable Boy. I’m so upset. I wanted her to marry Kabir.’

However, a fourth wrote: ‘Absolutely loved watching #ASuitableBoy. A wonderful series. Lata was right to choose the shoemaker, he will always put her first.’

A fifth fan added: ‘Lata chose to go with the hard working Haresh, leaving the dreamers behind. It was a happy ending, thoroughly enjoyed it #ASuitableBoy.’

A Suitable Boy, which runs to 1,349 pages, is one of the longest books in the English language, a sprawling and ambitious story set in post-colonial India as it discovers its true identity. 

The story is set against the backdrop of rising tension between Hindus and Muslims as the repercussions of Partition in 1947, when British India was divided into two states, predominantly Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India, take hold.

After Lata tells her mother she won’t accept an arranged marriage, viewers see the character searching for Mr Right.

In the final episode, she finally chases after Haresh following his confession that he won’t be seeing her anymore since her older brother, who wanted a high society suitor to be picked, told him he was unwanted.

Running towards a parked train, we see Lata race to find Haresh before it departs.

Thankfully, she discovers him just in time and – to the disbelief of viewers – asks Haresh to marry her. He wastes no time in responding with a resounding ‘yes’.

The final scenes show the couple getting hitched surrounded by their family members, with Kabir looking on from the sidelines.

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