‘A special bond has been shattered.’ The UK no longer requires the US, according to a British veteran.


‘A special bond has been shattered.’ The UK no longer requires the US, according to a British veteran.

Following the severance of the UK’s unique relationship with the US, a British veteran has stated that the UK must go its own way.

Trevor Coult MC, who was given the Military Cross for his courage in Afghanistan after a Taliban ambush, told This website that the US and UK’s “special relationship” has been “crushed” as a result of the disorderly exit from Afghanistan. Mr Coult, drawing on his own experiences, indicated that a variety of crucial aspects, ranging from intelligence sharing to joint operations, have emphasized how the relationship has always been a “one-sided” affair throughout the years, before insisting that the UK now goes its own way. However, he cautioned that without the assistance of Joe Biden and the United States, the UK may struggle to achieve this and become the independent “Global Britain” that officials claim it can be.

“The particular bond has been crushed in the last week – there is no unique relationship anymore,” Mr Coult added.

“I’ve known for years that we don’t disclose everything because I’ve witnessed it on the battlefield.”

The war veteran went on to say that while serving in Afghanistan as part of the intelligence exploitation task force, he witnessed personally how intelligence was not shared between the US and the UK.

To add insult to injury, he said that the United Kingdom’s relationship with the United States has never been “fair,” and that it has always been “one-sided.”

As a result, he went on to suggest that the UK break away from the US and make its own foreign policy judgments.

“If we want to be Global Britain, we can’t be Global Britain in someone else’s shadow,” he remarked. We have one of the best militaries and leaders in the world.”

Mr. Coult went on to say that the United Kingdom is a “wonderful place” and that as a country, “we should be thriving,” but that “for some reason, we tend to follow the US around.”

He went on to say that “we don’t need them anymore” and urged the UK to move on in the aftermath of Afghanistan’s terrible fallout, which saw the Taliban take control after 20 years of western presence.

The recipient of the Military Cross warned that Prime Minister Boris Johnson might be hesitant to take such a bold step in a new direction for fear of damaging the country. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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