A self-described “home wrecker” who dates married men reveals how to recognize a cheater.


A self-described “home wrecker” who dates married men reveals how to recognize a cheater.

Amy Kupps, 32, from the United States, adores being a mistress but believes she has been duped. She’s gone over the warning signs that a woman should be on the lookout for in order to catch a love rat. A self-described “home wrecker” who enjoys mistressing married men has decided to teach other women how to recognize a love rat.

Amy Kupps, 32, a former teacher turned OnlyFans celebrity from North Carolina, has come out ahead of Christmas to share the “red flags” you should be aware of.

According to a survey by AYRE Event Solutions, infidelity rises around the holiday season, with 14% of Brits admitting to kissing a coworker.

Amy regards herself as a pro when it comes to extramarital affairs, with over 80,000 Instagram followers on her @amy.kupps93 handle.

She even divorced her unfaithful ex-husband after he committed adultery, but she doesn’t seem to mind that she is now a home wrecker.

“No one wants to believe their boyfriend or husband is cheating on them,” Amy continued, “but there can be a lot of subtle signals you wouldn’t ordinarily see.”

“Also, a woman’s intuition is the most potent weapon in her arsenal; if you believe something is wrong, trust your instincts.”

“Perhaps you’re correct, and he’s planning something.”

She listed the following red signs to look out for:

Be wary if your companion begins to be kinder or more generous than normal.

“There are the obvious ways, such as being extremely polite, especially if he isn’t generally attentive,” Amy explained.

“Another thing is that he starts purchasing you unusual presents he wouldn’t ordinarily give you, like as flowers or jewelry.”

“That’s a massive red flag for me.”

Expensive Christmas presents under the tree may also indicate remorse.

It’s a negative indicator if your partner repeatedly forgetting to do things they stated they would or doesn’t listen properly.

“One thing I think many people underestimate is when their other halves become unexpectedly forgetful,” Amy explained.

“It usually signifies their attention is elsewhere and they aren’t fully focused on you.”

We all change our cosmetic routines now and then, but excessive showering and scent application could signal foul play.

“Is he showering more than usual?” Amy wondered. Shaving his balls and crotch after slapping on the aftershave?” This is a major source of concern for me.

“You have to wonder why they’re washing so much and whether they’re trying to get rid of anything.” The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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