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A seal of approval! Amazing moment curious seal nicknamed ‘Gavin’ climbs onto a paddle board

Paddle boarders filmed the amazing moment a curious seal nicknamed ‘Gavin’ climbed aboard for a ride down river in West Sussex.

Daren Ford,52 and Kerrie Rocket, 50 were paddling along the River Arun near Littlehampton in West Sussex

A curious seal – who is known locally as Gavin – swam up to the group and climbed up onto Kerrie’s board.

Daren from Hayling Island in Hampshire was able to get the incredible encounter on film.

The roofing company manager said: ‘This happened when we were five miles or so up the river Arun which is where I think Gavin the seal has been spotted before.

‘This was our first visit to this area and only my third time on a board we checked the tide times and we’re going upstream initial the tide turns and then ride back on the opposite tide.

‘We dropped our boards in from the pontoon and had been paddling for an hour or so the sun was shining and we were chatting away oblivious that we were being followed by a seal.

‘To our amazement the seal just started going from one board to another jumping on and relaxing!

‘We had no food out we never encouraged him in anyway and kept our distance as far as possible.

‘At first we were really worried that the seal was in trouble or maybe aggressive but soon realised he was being curious and was in good health.

‘It was an amazing experience but it never really sank in until we got home and realised how rare this actually happens.’

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