A royal diary clash could cause the king to cancel the much-loved event.


A royal diary clash could cause the king to cancel the much-loved event.

THE QUEEN’S participation at the upcoming Chelsea Flower Show has apparently raised eyebrows.

The royal has yet to clarify whether she would attend this much-anticipated event, according to a source. “The Palace has still not confirmed to us if she is coming,” the insider said, according to Richard Eden, the Daily Mail’s Diary editor.

The event is usually held in May, however this year it has been changed to September 21-26 in order to avoid the COVID-19 restrictions.

The new dates, however, may conflict with the Queen’s schedule, as she usually remains at Balmoral Castle until late September or early October.

The Queen usually attends the Chelsea Flower Show with other members of her family.

The gardening event was canceled in its customary form last year because to the pandemic.

However, organizers were able to establish a five-day virtual event that included tours of prominent gardeners’ gardens and nurseries, as well as Chelsea designers and horticultural experts.

Visitors may also take a lockdown tour of London’s parks, watch potting demonstrations, visit a school gardening club, and participate in lunchtime Q&A sessions with garden specialists.

With a personal remark, the Queen emphasized her support for the Chelsea Garden Show and her delight that it could still go place, although in a virtual form.

“As Patron of the Royal Horticultural Society, I was delighted to learn that from Monday 18th to Saturday 23rd May, you will be providing gardening guidance and virtual workshops on your website,” she wrote.

“I am certain that my grandmother, Queen Mary, who attended the Chelsea Flower Show for the first time in 1916, would be overjoyed that many people now share her enthusiasm for horticulture and that gardening is still a popular pastime in the United Kingdom.”

The Queen also mentioned in her speech that she has a soft spot for the lily of the valley.

The flower, which was also a favorite of Princess Diana, was included in the monarch’s crowning bouquet.

Prior to the epidemic, the Chelsea Flower Show, which began in 1913, had only been canceled twice: once during World War I and once during World War II.

In 2019, the Queen attended the Chelsea Flower Show for the first time.

The Duchess of Cambridge then gave her a tour of the concept garden she designed.

“I hope that this woodland that we have created here really motivates families, kids, and communities to come outside, appreciate nature and the outdoors, and spend quality time,” Kate said of her project.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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