A rescue dog with an unusual eating issue from chewing on toys is looking for a new home.


A rescue dog with an unusual eating issue from chewing on toys is looking for a new home.

A RESCUE DOG with a rare eating disorder is in desperate need of a new family to help her manage her illness.

Ruby, a four-year-old crossbreed, has been known to consume toys and bedding, prompting multiple visits to the veterinarian. Because the little dog has had two procedures to remove foreign things from her intestines, she must be closely monitored when given bedding and toys.

Ruby also has chopped ears, which is a banned practice in the UK, therefore staff at Gonsal Farm Animal Centre in Shropshire are worried that potential adopters may be turned off.

“When Ruby first came into our care, she was the nicest girl and, despite having her ears ruthlessly cut in the past, she luckily had no health or behavioural concerns, other from some skin sensitivities,” said Emily Daffern, a staff worker who is presently caring for Ruby.

“Unfortunately, her initial adoption did not proceed as planned, despite the fact that the adoptive family appeared to be a good match. It turned out to be a very stressful environment for her, and she was returned to our care.

“As soon as she returned to us, she wasn’t the same happy, exuberant kid we remembered. We were all devastated that things had gone so terribly.

“She was put on a behavior modification program to help her regain her confidence in people, and she also got pica, a weird disorder in which she eats non-edible items.”

Ruby’s eating habits continue to perplex employees, who are confused as to why the dog consumes non-edible objects, making finding the perfect forever home even more difficult.

â€Ruby has had medical and behavioral exams, as well as meds to assist control it, but none of them have given us a definitive diagnosis as to why she does this,†Emily said.

“Unfortunately, we believe it is a taught coping strategy that she adopted in her prior household when she was stressed.”

The rescue is looking for a patient owner who can provide enough of exercise for Ruby and lives in a calm, adult-only environment with a safe outdoor space.

In order to oversee the canine with stuff around the house, potential owners should be home the majority of the time.

Dogs purchased online and subsequently abandoned require loving homes.

“She’ll require a special home with an owner who understands her condition and can help her manage it,” Emily added. “Brinkwire Summary News”, we hope.”


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