A ‘nervous’ six-year-old uncovered a million-year-old fossil in the back garden.


A ‘nervous’ six-year-old uncovered a million-year-old fossil in the back garden.

A FOSSIL from the Jurassic period was unearthed by a six-year-old in a Walsall backyard.

Siddak Singh Jhamat discovered the fossil while hunting with a Christmas present. Siddak’s father, Vish Singh, said he learned about the fossil’s origins through a Facebook forum and plans to share the news with Birmingham University’s Museum of Geology.

Mr Singh discovered the fossil’s marks on the remnant showed it was most likely a Rugosa coral, estimated to be between 251 and 488 million years old, after searching online for answers.

Siddak claimed he was “thrilled” to discover the fossil while hunting for worms in his garden.

“I was just searching for worms and things like pottery and bricks when I came across this rock that looked a little like a horn, and I thought it might be a tooth, a claw, or a horn, but it was actually a piece of horn coral,” he explained.

“I was ecstatic at what it turned out to be.”

Mr Singh and his son told PA that they were “surprised” to find the Rugosa coral.

“He found a horn coral and some smaller pieces next to it, then started digging again the next day and discovered a congealed block of sand,” he explained.

“There were a lot of little mollusks and sea shells in there, as well as something called a crinoid, which looks like a squid tentacle, so it’s quite a prehistoric thing.”

According to Mr Singh, the Rugosa coral lived between 500 and 251 million years ago during the Paleozoic Era.

Mr Singh elaborated on the remarkable discovery, saying, “At the time, England was part of Pangea, a conglomeration of continents,” and that “England was entirely submerged as well.”

The family also revealed that they do not reside in a region famed for fossils, such as the Jurassic Coast in the south of England, but that the garden where the fossils were discovered has a lot of natural clay.

“A lot of people have commented on how incredible it is to find something in the back garden,” Mr Singh continued.

“They say you can find fossils anywhere if you look hard enough, but finding a substantial chunk like that is quite rare.”


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