A neighbor is furious because a woman is sunbathing “half naked” in the communal area, but who is to blame?


A neighbor is furious because a woman is sunbathing “half naked” in the communal area, but who is to blame?

A DISgruntled neighbour has issued a stinging complaint against a woman who chose to sunbathe in her flat’s public yard, dividing opinion among his fellow neighbors and on the internet.

A man took to Reddit to express his displeasure that one of his female neighbors was sunbathing in the public garden of their flat. According to the man, the woman was sunbathing “half-naked” and making the building appear “tacky.”

“We’ve been having a heat wave, and I’ve spotted a woman sunbathing on the grass for the previous four days,” the 29-year-old explained. She carries a blanket and a book and reads in her bikini top and shorts for hours.

“I asked her if she lived in the building on the first day, and she answered she did, having recently moved in. I later observed her use keys to enter the building, therefore I don’t believe she was lying. She was out there from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“I visited her again today and informed her that the gardens were not to be used in that manner. She said she was a resident (I believe she leases, as I know most of the building’s owners) and that she thought the outside space was communal.”

The man took a photo of her after seeing her again and shared it to the residents’ WhatsApp group, telling others to report her “anti-social behavior,” according to the Mirror.

“Some residents agreed, while others thought I was weird,” he added. Someone added the new renter to the group, and she wrote a long message approving if her dress made anyone uncomfortable, but she wasn’t going to stay indoors in 30°C heat when there was green space right outside her door.

“Her half-nakedness outside our building makes it look trashy; she makes it look like a university dorm. Apartments may lose value as a result of this.”

Many Redditors were outraged by the man’s handling of the matter after hearing the account. “Taking a picture of a woman in a bikini AND DISSEMINATING IT is probably more antisocial than…sunbathing where you live,” one person said.

“Unless she’s breaching a specific regulation, you need to mind your own business,” said another. You sound like the obnoxious next-door neighbor who everyone despises. “Brinkwire Summary News” has been filed against her.


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